Dear Enthusiasts of Miniature Art

As I paint and enjoy Miniature Art since more than 20 years I also love to support this special and rare kind of art. Therefore I am very enthusiastic with the idea to bring Miniature Artists worldwide together  – and also include the promising up-and-coming young artists. This – our very unique kind of art – has unfortunately seen several downturns, as history tells us, but also several survivals. Being very concerned about Miniature Art I founded, with the great support of my husband Manfred, the

Taking advantage of Internet technologies we reach out to miniature artists – no matter where they live and we hope for a great response. Please, have a look at the website –

This is only the start – much more is to come. Our small team will not rest to add further interesting information in irregular intervals, so the website will grow and get bigger several times per year. Your general input and suggestions are welcome.

We are happy to link websites from Artists, Societies, Galleries and Museums to our page “Contacts & Links”. There are no charges at all. We will not publish email addresses – but we recommend to have your email registered with ICMA, so we can send you a quick “ICMA Small News” information by email – whenever new reports are added or any other information has to get quickly out to you. If you are in contact with other miniature artists – please pass on this message.

We also would appreciate your reply to let us know your opinion about ICMA.

Always – happy creating miniatures!
Marion & Manfred

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Marion Winter – Miniature Artist – Editor of ICMA – Gold Coast, Australia